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She has no fear of the future...

Your future will be birthed from the choices you make today so choose rightly. You are the only person responsible for securing the life you desire to live. Take some time today to take stock of your life portfolio and determine what type of return you are yielding on the investment of your time, money and effort. So close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. You've got this!

Check out these 10 tips to help you build today what you hope to reap tomorrow.

  1. Forgive yourself for getting off track and GET BACK STARTED. Continuous negative self-talk will keep you stagnate.

  2. Invest in resources to help you in areas where you tend to be limited. Hire a life, fitness or financial coach etc. or seek out a mentor.

  3. Give resignation notices today on endeavors you know you should have said "no" to.

  4. Reassess your goals and determine if they are prioritized properly. Make time each day to plan your goals.

  5. Cut your losses. Life is about risks.

  6. Immediately remove yourself from anyone or any situation that tales away your peace.

  7. Stop asking others for directions on YOUR path.

  8. Reassess your network. Become intentional on who should be a part of your network.

  9. Find ways to add value to yourself- learn a new language, read more books, take a free course from Harvard.

  10. Image is everything. Continue to improve your image by refreshing your wardrobe, hairstyle and even social media pages. Your brand is always speaking of you whether you are present or not.

Happy Self-Care Saturday!

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