Meet the CEO

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 Hello,  it's a pleasure to meet you!

My name is Sherri Brewer, 

Founder and CEO of Refining Images, LLC., a premier leadership training and resource institute for women.

My background comes with over 20 years of experience in health care as a registered nurse, expertise in transformational leadership, strategic planning, risk mitigation and client relationship management. 

In the corporate sector, my primary focus centered on building high-performing clinical nurse leaders, teams and chronic disease management programs.

 I founded Refining Images to help everyday women cultivate their innate power as influential leaders advocate for the betterment of their lives and those around them through faith, poise, confidence and competence. My transformative programs in personal leadership development is where purpose and strategy intersects. It is my mission to help women elevate in their authentic selves through introspection, overcoming unconscious behavior and limiting beliefs that compromise opportunities in every aspect of life. 

Everyday I am privileged to serve as a trusted resource for clients in the corporate sector, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and private clients on social intelligence, strategic communication, and human capital management. 


I am licensed as an Intercultural Etiquette & Protocol Trainer from the prestigious Protocol School of Washington, a certified Life and Career Transformation Coach and professionally trained as an Image Consultant. 


 Refining Images offers the best in class social intelligence training that will equip any emerging leader to lead with confidence and competence.  

Sherri B.

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