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Preparing for your Valentine's Day Virtual Date

It's perfectly okay to feel nervous if you've been asked out for a virtual dinner date. Navigating dinner virtually is a fun, different, and an exciting alternative to having dinner in person. With the pandemic still in full swing, be sure to applaud your suitor for the thoughtfulness in planning a special night for you. Here are our tips to ensure you navigate your meal with grace while making an amazing impression on your date.

  1. Plan ahead! If your date has arranged for dinner to be delivered to your home, work with him to have the meal delivered about an hour before your date officially starts. Place your dinner in the oven on a low setting about 30 min before your meal so you can enjoy a warm meal.

  2. Set your table! Refuse to think for a second you are going overboard by setting a formal dinner setting. Now is the time to distinguish yourself as a woman of class as well as one who can be a suitable companion at formal events.

3. "Alexa, turn on soft jazz!" Set the ambiance for your date by having your music preference of choice playing in the background. Hopefully, you've done your homework and have some favorites from your suitor's playlist in mind.

4. Make sure have a stand to house your phone in so you can converse with your date during the meal from a flattering angle.

5. Be sure to check your hair, makeup and wardrobe on your phone camera. You may find some adjustments are needed even after all that time in the mirror.

6. Defer to your date to signal the official start of the meal.

7. Your utensils should match with the number of courses you will eat. If you do not have soup, then eliminate the soup spoon etc. You will use utensils working from the outside in.

8. Bread is eaten by tearing off small bite size pieces one at a time. Resist the temptation to bite directly into it.

9. Take small bites during your meal since your conversation on camera will be the main focal point. Check your teeth often on the camera and make sure nothing has accidentally dripped on your clothing. Remember that proper etiquette is pacing the speed of your meal with other guests.

10. Relax and enjoy the experience!

If you are interested in leveling up your feminine presence, be sure to check out our new 3 week course "Poised to Prosper" from our R.I. Image and Etiquette Finishing School for Women starting in March. Please say you'll join us by signing up here!

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