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Fascinators and Fashion

I have a fascination with fancy chapeaus( cha·​peau|\ sha-ˈpō.) or better known as Fascinator Hats. In my opinion, it is a must have fashion staple every woman of elegance should have in her wardrobe.

Stephen Jones is credited as coining the fashionable hat as the Fascinator. the Fascinator has been around since the 1920's and has continued to gain popularity over the decades. One can see these hats worn at high society events such Royal Weddings, the Kentucky Derby, High Tea Events, First Lady's Tea (observed in the south) , and most recent, the 40th Annual Hat Luncheon by the The Central Park Conservancy in New York. Check out some of these styles below.

I love fascinators because there are no right or wrong way to wear one as it is based off the unique style preference of the wearer. If you have a fascinator, post your pic below!

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