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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Style


1. Assess- Take an assessment of the style looks you wear that make you feel lovely. Pay attention to your facial expression when you try on clothing. Are you smiling? Squinting with your head tilted to the side? Spend the weekend doing a closet clearing and remove clothing from your closet that you can no longer fit that you wore 10 years ago.

2. Attitude- Your clothes are your uniform and the attitude you exhibit while wearing certain clothing will certainly take center stage. If you are not feeling confident in certain clothing, REFUSE to wear it. If your attitude is one of you could care less because you are ____ anyway, it will overshadow anything you could ever wear.

3. Alter- The fit of clothing on your body is the foundation upon which you build a wardrobe and signature style. Find a good seamstress to nip and tuck clothing to fit your body perfectly. Refuse to wear ill fitting clothing because they came with a label or expensive price tag.

4. Accentuate- Play up your favorite features. What do you receive the most compliments on? If it’s your hair, make sure your hair is always flawless. Your smile, find some fabulous lipstick colors to bring attention to your lips. Beautiful eyes? Find ways to draw attention to your eyes and neutralize other areas on your face.

5. Accessorize- Accessories are the icing on the cake. Beautiful accessories can take an outfit from Blah to Ahh in seconds. Simply clothing ensembles can be dressed up with chic eyewear, statement earrings or necklaces or classy bracelets.

Happy Styling! xoxo ~Sherri

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