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Welcome to L.E.L.A.

The Little Rock Excellence & Leadership Academy, Inc. (L.E.L.A), is a 501 (c) (3) organization  with a mission to equip youths with world class skills in personal leadership and social intelligence to excel in any environment.  

The L.E.L.A. academy was created to enrich the academic journey by instilling confidence in one's ability to successfully navigate social and formal interactions.  

The academy that prepares  FUTURE LEADERS of tomorrow, TODAY.

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Apply to be a youth panel speaker.

Make plans for your youth to attend the
Future Leaders Summit 2024.

The Little Rock Excellence & Leadership Academy (L.E.L.A), will be cutting the yellow and blue ribbon at the inaugural launch of our academy during the Futures Leaders Summit coming August 2024. 

Participants will be exposed to motivational speakers, workshops in manners & etiquette, self-care, communication skills, conflict management, and so much more!

We welcome grade levels 9th-12th.

Our Leadership Program

Imparting traditional values in a modern society.

Be The Exception

Intercultural Etiquette & Protocol

 Understanding intercultural etiquette and protocol implies possessing refined social skills, often associated with the highest class. Our training courses aim to educate children on the enduring core values of protocol  while acknowledging the evolution of norms in modern society.

 Students will engage with our comprehensive curriculum covering social graces, composure and formal table manners, preparing them for  structured environments. 

Personal Presentation & Communication

Our curriculum on Presentation and
Communication emphasizes the influential role of personal image in fostering self-esteem and confidence. Through our training, we delve into both non-verbal and verbal communication, dress protocols for various social occasions, and guidance on dressing with class and modesty with changing body shapes.

Personal Leadership Development

At the L.E.L.A. Academy, we prioritize Personal Leadership Development as the cornerstone of our approach. Our curriculum emphasizes that cultivating personal leadership skills is a continuous lifelong journey. Through our training, we delve into  emotional and social intelligence, fostering, how to add personal value in all environments.  

2024 Summer Etiquette Academy

Grades 1st-5th


Saturday: June 29th
Investment cost:

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