Little Rock Excellent & Leadership Academy

Manners & Etiquette  Academy for Teens and Young Adults

"Good Manners will open doors where the best education cannot."

It's never too early to start learning leadership skills and social graces. Recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities to lead takes the right amount of confidence.

L.E.L.A. is a teen and young adult online leadership academy for teens and young adults.  L.E.L.A. teens will learn how to overcome lack of confidence and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that impede one from reaching their highest aptitude.  L.E.L.A. teens are confident, graceful and poised under pressure. Our program will provide teens the leadership principals, communication skills, and confidence to excel in any situation.  

.Apply for the L.E.L.A. Fall Class of 2021 

Program Topics Include:

Appearance and Presentation| First Impressions| Leadership Skills| Communication Skills| Cultural Awareness| Manners & Social Graces| Social Media and Technology Etiquette| Hands on Dining Etiquette Tutorial| Awareness of Community & Social Issues

 Relationships and Philanthropy

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